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One of the best success books of all time is, “Think and Grow Rich.”  If you don’t own it, scroll down to the ‘must read’ section on the left hand side of this page and order it now.

One of it’s key principles is the ‘Mastermind Group’. Every top leader and almost every millionaire takes part in a Mastermind group.  By combining your talents and skills with others, you’ll able to multiply  everyone’s efforts.

Every single one of you becomes more successful as a result.  I have my own Mastermind group and we currently have an opening for a couple more people if you’re interested.

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Four Phases of Learning MLM

  1. Teach others how to do it – A new way of thinking. This is what I am doing right now.
  2. Learn from those we teach. The biggest breakthroughs are always found here and this automatically happens after teaching.

I can often draw very strong analogies from my experience as a professional skydiver for many years –  I still am and in fact, I will be taking 1st time skydivers on a Tandem skydive tomorrow! (OK I’m addicted!)

And yes it’s definately better to go with an expert in the beginning – it’s much safer!

This is me taking Dani Johnson’s husband Hans for his first skydive from 14,000feet!

Garry takes Hans Johnson Skydiving

Garry takes Hans Johnson Skydiving

These four phases of learning apply to everything including running your own MLM home based business.

This whole model of teaching others is self sustainable and one of the main reasons I love my network marketing business. My success and yours in the MLM business comes from teaching others what we have learned to do.

The MLM Lifestyle

At some point there becomes a ‘Defining Moment’ – a moment in time when you make a DECISION that your life is to change for the better. All sorts of experiences can be the reason for that defining moment but whatever the reason ACT ON IT!

‘For things to get better I have to get better’!

I chose MLM as my vehicle and love it – it hasn’t always been easy but I always knew ‘if they can do it then so can I’

I committed to learning all I can and just get better and better. Now I’m living my Dream life thanks to my Network Marketing Home Business model. Now let me help you get your Dream life. Think about it – what is YOUR reason why? What will your life be like when YOU can do whatever you like every day. When money is no longer a concern? When your time is your Own? Think BIG …

And when you have YOUR Defining moment contact me and we’ll start to create the life of your dreams!

The Healthy Lifestyle Business


It’s time to Fly in your MLM Business

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you could achieve more than you have so far in life? That deep down, you know you were made for bigger and better things? Well, the chances are, you’re probably right… and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

The Eagle By: Author Unknown 

A man once found an eagle’s egg and put it in a nest of a barnyard hen. The eagle hatched with the brood of chicks and grew up with them. All his life, the eagle did what the barnyard chicks did, thinking he was a barnyard chicken. He scratched the earth for worms and insects. He clucked and cackled. And he would thrash his wings and fly a few feet in the air. Years passed and the eagle grew very old.

One day he saw a magnificent bird above him in the cloudless sky. It glided in graceful majesty on powerful wind currents with scarcely a beat of its strong golden wings. The old eagle looked up in awe. “Who’s that?” he asked. “That’s the eagle, the king of the birds,” said his neighbor. “He belongs to the sky. We belong to the earth – we’re chickens.” So the eagle lived and died a chicken, for that’s what he thought he was.”

What a terrible waste… to have lived a life not doing the things you were always capable of doing and not soaring to the heights you were able to reach. And all because the people around you were constantly putting you down and feeding you with negative, uninspiring comments.

If had listened to all the people who said “Why jump out of a perfectly good plane?” – I never would have done this! I am top right in Red and exited the aircraft 80th (last) AND if I had listened to all those people who said ” It’s not one of those MLM Network Marketing Pyramid things is it?” I wouldn’t be living the dream life I am today!

So rise above these comments! Life is what you make it. 

It’s time to spread your wings and fly! Decide to become an MLM High Flyer Today!

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80 Way Freefall Formation

Avoid the MLM hype trap

The claims of make a $1,000,000 this weekend while you lay on the couch watching TV may sound good, but they come at a heavy cost.  I have seen so many people fall for the hype and lose all sense of real business principles.

I can take you to where you’re making $100, $500, or even $5,000 a month quite quickly … But it usually won’t happen overnight and to do that it will also take real effort on your part.  You have to follow the simple system which has worked for me and so many other people and follow it to the letter.

So Is Network Marketing a ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’?

In theory, you can make a lot of money partnering with a good MLM Company. In practice, 90% don’t even recommend their opportunity enough to even cover the cost of their own product purchases.

Why is that? One of the reasons is they run off to chase the “next big thing”. Never mind that a large portion of them are scams or fly-by-night operations. The real problem is many people seem to have a ‘lottery mentality’ (get rich overnight). Just look at the MILLIONS of people who willingly hand over their money to the lottery with a less than 1 in 50,000,000 chance of winning anything!

The fact is, most Network Marketing compensation plans are designed to create long term residual income, not up-front money and people give up when they don’t get rich enough quick enough.

Luckily the company I partner with does have an award winning accelerated leverage plan especially designed to avoid attrition by rewarding people quickly. So look for a company with a compensation plan that has the ability to accelerate income and reward the people (who do the work) and that will definitely help you to retain people.

Be very wary of hype and promises like ‘all you do is sign up and watch the money roll in’ – in a real network marketing business of course  product has to move to generate real revenue and someone has to work – reality sucks – you can’t make money out of thin air despite all the promises out there!  My advice – avoid the hype like the plague!

Hype FREE Zone

Great MLM excuses

Excuses – I’ve heard them all ! Here’s some of my favourites!

(If any of them are yours – please DON’T contact me!)  

  • I am VERY busy trying to make ends meet and just don’t have the time to earn a large lucrative 2nd income that could free me forever from my debts and stressed-out lifestyle. Perhaps later.
  • I know you won’t believe this but I really hate doing anything that could set me financially free for life.
  • I already have a slim, beautiful, muscular body, and all the energy and money I need. In fact I’m a millionaire. Now buzz off, I have an appointment with my yacht broker to buy another luxury yacht this afternoon and after that we’re leaving to cruise the Greek islands.
  • I’ve just been burned too many times! How dare you try and re-kindle my hopes of wealth! You know I don’t deserve it despite what my psychiatrist says!
  • I was going to join today, but I have to spend the afternoon cleaning out my email box
  • I’m a Libra and just can’t make up my mind.
  • I’m ready to join but my spouse says: “one more MLM and I sleep on the porch!”
  • I don’t want to join right now. Can you just send me the cheques?
  • I want to join, I really do, but there are these aliens who keep visiting me and telling me that soon they will come and take me to their planet where I won’t need earth money.
  • Every time I have a free moment to make the call to join, I have to re-install Windows.
  • I just don’t have enough confidence in myself to start my own home based business. (I am just a plain and simple wimp).
  • I was broke ten years ago, I was broke 5 years ago, and I am broke today and I refuse to do anything that might change my situation today or tomorrow.
  • I will join today. If you will pay my fee and build the business for me. I am looking for a free ride. I am too lazy to create any kind of future for myself and my family.
  • MLM is not for me. I would prefer to work my job for the next 20 or 30 years, just barely get by and retire with $600 in the bank .
  • I just bought a lottery ticket, and I am sure I’ll win this week. So I don’t need start my own business.
  • I belong to a religious order, and we know the end is nigh this week. So why bother.
  • Like everything else I look at, I need to think about it, then I need to think about it, then I need to think about it, then I need to think about it. I must confess, all I ever do is think about doing rather than doing. Make a decision, are you kidding, I’ll stick with my dead end career or job on barely get by street.
  • No Hablo Ingles.
  • I was about to sign up then I came to my senses, when my dominant negative, broke mentality took back control of my mind and convinced me to pass up this opportunity.

Heard some great ones? – Please add them here

In Network Marketing it pays to COPY

Don’t start from scratch.  That’s the hardest way to do anything.  Inventors go through tons of  frustration, failed tests, and often ridicule.  I’d much rather be a copy-cat.

Find a system that’s already working. Then just jump in and follow it.  This will save you thousands of dollars in wasted money and years of lost time.  Just do what already works.

Find a personal coach who is already successful. Someone you respect and enjoy working with.

Every top athlete has a coach.  In fact, many of the best have two or three coaches working on different areas of their development.  They’re  there for one reason…to help them be the best they can possibly be.  In some situations, they instruct.  Other times they encourage.  All up, they hold your hand on the way to success. A coach will help you set your course. They’ll help keep you on track.  They’ll take you from where you are today to where you want to be.  The only problem is that most marketing coaches cost $400 or more per month!

One of the great things about the Network Marketing MLM business model is that good coaches can come free because it’s in their interest for you to succeed, In fact the ONLY way they succeed is to help others succeed, it’s a win win situation – I never charge to coach members of my team BUT I am very fussy who I work with. I learnt that the hard way and have to admit that I wasted a lot of time working with the wrong people.

Take this to the bank – always remember:

  •  The squeaky wheels get the oil – what that means is, only work with people who chase you   – become the hunted not the hunter.
  •  Actions speak louder than words – don’t take a lot of notice of what people say – only what they DO.

THE Healthy Lifestyle Business

MLM lead generation systems

Guess what?  The number one reason people can’t make it in a home based business is because they can’t or don’t like to prospect on a continuing and consistent basis.

The solution is to simply set up an automatic prospecting system where your MLM lead generation, sifting, and selling is all done for you.  In fact, you can even have people trained in your business mostly on auto-pilot.  Your job is simply to be there and be yourself.  You never have to do any personal selling and once you do get to talk to your prospects they already know you and are qualified MLM Targeted Leads. Result NO Rejection!

Don’t Re-Invent the wheel. Don’t start from scratch.  That’s the hardest way to do anything.  Inventors go through tons of frustration, failed tests, and often ridicule.

I’d much rather be a copy-cat. Find a generic but MLM specific marketing system system that’s already working. Then just jump in and follow it.  This will save you thousands of dollars in wasted money and years of lost time.

Just do what already works. This is the system I have Working FOR ME … if you would like to check it out CLICK HERE


How do People Earn so Much in MLM?

If you’re serious about earning an extra income from a home based business, then you must learn and apply the MLM success strategies you need to become an MLM High Flyer.

Strategy #1: Understanding Leverage.

“Give me a lever long enough and a pivot strong enough and I can move the World”

You’ll never get rich trading dollars for hours. The wealthy let their money and other people work with them to create a busness that produces a profit.

You may only be able to work on your MLM business for 10 hours a week, but you can leverage the work of 1,000 other people to create a 10,000 hour work week.  That’s the way to become wealthy. By the way, you can do this without ever hiring any employees. It’s MLM and it’s the answer for anyone’s financial challenges. It all makes so much sense but does it work in the real world? MLM Success leaves clues

THE Healthy Lifestyle Business has a twenty year proven track record

MLM works – IF you find the right company for YOU

If, like me, you have big desires in life or are tired of working too hard and/or not having enough time then the Networking Marketing Model may be an excellent vehicle for you to achieve unlimited income and the time freedom to enjoy it.

It is an incredible home-based business network team model that has enabled me to do what I want, when I want, where I want, with who I want and you can’t beat that! So I urge you to take a very good look at the MLM model – it’s a long term decision and finding the right MLM company to ‘partner’ with is a very big decision worthy of some serious research.

You won’t find better than THE Healthy Lifestyle Business