Four Phases of Learning MLM

  1. Teach others how to do it – A new way of thinking. This is what I am doing right now.
  2. Learn from those we teach. The biggest breakthroughs are always found here and this automatically happens after teaching.

I can often draw very strong analogies from my experience as a professional skydiver for many years –  I still am and in fact, I will be taking 1st time skydivers on a Tandem skydive tomorrow! (OK I’m addicted!)

And yes it’s definately better to go with an expert in the beginning – it’s much safer!

This is me taking Dani Johnson’s husband Hans for his first skydive from 14,000feet!

Garry takes Hans Johnson Skydiving

Garry takes Hans Johnson Skydiving

These four phases of learning apply to everything including running your own MLM home based business.

This whole model of teaching others is self sustainable and one of the main reasons I love my network marketing business. My success and yours in the MLM business comes from teaching others what we have learned to do.

Home Based Business – WARNING It’s a jungle out there!!

If you are thinking about starting your own home based business – well done – you are definately on the right track but how are you going to choose what’s right for you? There are thousands of choices but it really is a jungle out there.

Many home based business/internet/networking opportunities tout “low risk” as a benefit for becoming part of their particular opportunity, however, since I believe that the greatest investment you will make in your home business is your precious time then there is indeed a great risk in dedicating your time to operating your own business as an independent entreprenuer.

Many of these so called opportunities are just as likely to go broke as any other conventional business, (In the real world the failure rate of conventional small business is a staggering 96%!)

Lets face it, if you decide to commit any of your valuable time into a home business you’ll want to be sure that you are not wasting time , effort and money on something that is not going to last, if fact you’ll want to be confident that your home based business will continue to pay you for many years to come.

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