Looking for BIG MLM success? LOVE is the answer!

Yes that’s right – if you would like to become an MLM success story Love IS the answer!

It’s One of the big MLM secrets to success!

Let me explain…

Achieving MLM success is ALL about the relationships that you develop over time. That’s why the MLM system is often referred to as relationship marketing.

MLM Success

So one of the big MLM secrets to having MLM success is that it is vital to think long term right from the start – like getting married it is a very important decision!

Your relationship with the MLM company you choose to partner with is very much like a marriage – you really don’t know a person until you haved lived with them for a while! Ask yourself “Can I spend the rest of my life being passionate about partnering with this MLM Company and what they represent”?

Remember you are building an MLM business so you can be rewarded for the work you do now for decades to come and thats why it is so important to choose the network Marketing opportunity you partner with VERY carefully.

The strength and stability of your network marketing team will rely on the strong bond that forms between you and your MLM leaders over time. This business should be fun and not all about the money. The friends I have made in this business are friends for life and we love to get together, we are like minded people who share the same values, aspirations and a common cause.

Being passionate about the products you are using and recommending is crucial if you are to achieve true MLM success in the network marketing industry. Life will quickly become drab and boring if you don’t have products that you can wholeheardly recommend because you believe in them passionately and know they do what you say they do.

The basic tenet of marketing is customer satisfaction – finding out what your client needs and providing it for them. I love that 🙂

So yes, the answer for long term MLM success, a large consistent and stable residual income and happiness in the MLM industry is LOVE,

If you wish to avoid getting stuck in a dysfunctional relationship ending in a messy divorce you must:

Love the MLM business model as I do,

You must love and respect your MLM Partner company and it’s corporate team as I do,

You must love your products and service and be passionate about sharing them as I do. Then and you must love your team leaders like a family as I do.

If this is your state of being, MLM success is inevitable my friend.

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Home Based Business – WARNING It’s a jungle out there!!

If you are thinking about starting your own home based business – well done – you are definately on the right track but how are you going to choose what’s right for you? There are thousands of choices but it really is a jungle out there.

Many home based business/internet/networking opportunities tout “low risk” as a benefit for becoming part of their particular opportunity, however, since I believe that the greatest investment you will make in your home business is your precious time then there is indeed a great risk in dedicating your time to operating your own business as an independent entreprenuer.

Many of these so called opportunities are just as likely to go broke as any other conventional business, (In the real world the failure rate of conventional small business is a staggering 96%!)

Lets face it, if you decide to commit any of your valuable time into a home business you’ll want to be sure that you are not wasting time , effort and money on something that is not going to last, if fact you’ll want to be confident that your home based business will continue to pay you for many years to come.

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