Is this one of those MLM Scam Pyramid things? How to answer the dreaded question!

Most people dread this question. I Love it!

As soon as someone asks me if my home business is one of those MLM Scam Pyramid or ponzi scheme things I am pleased, because usually it means they know little or nothing about the way the multi level marketing model works.

Usually I ask “what do you mean by scam pyramid business?” – mostly they won’t know what they mean by that! And whatever they say and I can honestly answer “No”.

How come?

Because modern Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Direct selling, home direct sales, whatever you want to call it is actually one of the few business models that isn’t a pyramid hierarchy!

So let’s look at the truth

When you consider the structure of the general hierarchy involved in most business, industry, commerce, government, the Church, Sports organizations, media, universities, the monarchy ….etc. and what is required to make progress up each of those organizations one can come to some interesting conclusions.

Since there is only ever one CEO or Managing Director or Chairman in a business then we can safely conclude that the top of such organizations is extremely limited and very exclusive.

Today the salaries paid to the CEO seem to be ridiculously high and out of all proportion to the value that they can possibly contribute to the organization compared to those lower down whose contribution often far outweighs their compensation.

Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Those who are able to succeed as such a CEO come from a fairly limited circle of privileged individuals who come from the same society, class, education, background or family.

Not fair again!!

Now lets compare this to how a modern legitimate multi level network marketing business works.

  • Anyone can join for a very low initial investment.
  • There is no exclusivity based on education, race, creed or background.
  • It is the same cost for everyone.
  • Everyone is treated equally.
  • Everyone has the same opportunity.
  • The ones who do well are the ones who do the work that leads to results.
  • There is no limit to how many people who can get to the top.
  • Everyone has unlimited potential.
  • Anyone can earn more than the people above them.
  • People are rewarded fairly based on results.

The ones at the top want others to join them and help them by doing work with them. They understand the principle that you can only become successful by helping others become successful.

That sounds fair doesn’t it!

In fact the only business model on the planet that is not a pyramid hierarchy is a legitimate network marketing business.

So if you are in direct sales the next time someone asks you “Is it one of those Pyramid scams?” say:

“Pyramid scam!!! Of course not. It’s a legal network marketing business and it’s probably one of the few things on the planet that isn’t!”

Avoid the MLM Scam Question forever