How to pick the best MLM company for YOU

Like many people attracted to the MLM business model it took a long time for me to find a home – 10 years in fact! And many elements I now understand are crucial to succeeding in the MLM industry.

I learnt the hard way!

When I decided to get really serious and started to do research to find the best MLM company for me I decided to set some fairly strong criteria based on experience, that I felt would significantly increase my chances of success in the MLM industry – so to help you save 10 years here’s my list of requirements that I would recommend before you even consider joining a home business income opportunity.

Your MLM home business Company MUST :

  • Be at least five years old and exhibit significant growth and success during that time.
  • Provide specialised, patented, highly consumable proprietary products that we all need,
  • Have low cost start up, low risk,
  • Have no minimum orders to retain position,
  • Have no compulsory requirements to hold any stock,
  • Have no requirement to meet large group volume quotas or cross other hidden barriers,
  • Have integrity and honesty as core values,
  • Be run by exceptional, experienced management,
  • Provide high-tech service back-up,
  • Be stable and 100% debt-free,
  • Provide long-term security and a have sound track record,
  • Have already reached ‘momentum phase of growth’,
  • Already have large numbers of associates earning over 6 figure incomes consistently
  • Provide regular training through all mediums
  • Be implementing massive, planned, global growth,
  • Use a proven, understandable compensation plan with unlimited income potential.

Naturally this cuts down one’s options significantly!

This is because most of the opportunities in the jungle out there don’t even come close, but by ridgedly sticking to these criteria and then investigating to an extent that most people would never do, I was able to make my selection with confidence .

If you are actively looking for the best MLM company for you – well done you are definately on the right track, but DO YOUR HOMEWORK, invest time, money and effort in thoroughly investigating your choices.

If you do, above all, you will start off with confidence that you have made a good long-term decision that will build an asset that will pay you and your family for decades to come.

Whichever best MLM company you choose to partner with you will need to know how to market.

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