In Network Marketing it pays to COPY

Don’t start from scratch.  That’s the hardest way to do anything.  Inventors go through tons of  frustration, failed tests, and often ridicule.  I’d much rather be a copy-cat.

Find a system that’s already working. Then just jump in and follow it.  This will save you thousands of dollars in wasted money and years of lost time.  Just do what already works.

Find a personal coach who is already successful. Someone you respect and enjoy working with.

Every top athlete has a coach.  In fact, many of the best have two or three coaches working on different areas of their development.  They’re  there for one reason…to help them be the best they can possibly be.  In some situations, they instruct.  Other times they encourage.  All up, they hold your hand on the way to success. A coach will help you set your course. They’ll help keep you on track.  They’ll take you from where you are today to where you want to be.  The only problem is that most marketing coaches cost $400 or more per month!

One of the great things about the Network Marketing MLM business model is that good coaches can come free because it’s in their interest for you to succeed, In fact the ONLY way they succeed is to help others succeed, it’s a win win situation – I never charge to coach members of my team BUT I am very fussy who I work with. I learnt that the hard way and have to admit that I wasted a lot of time working with the wrong people.

Take this to the bank – always remember:

  •  The squeaky wheels get the oil – what that means is, only work with people who chase you   – become the hunted not the hunter.
  •  Actions speak louder than words – don’t take a lot of notice of what people say – only what they DO.

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