Great MLM excuses

Excuses – I’ve heard them all ! Here’s some of my favourites!

(If any of them are yours – please DON’T contact me!)  

  • I am VERY busy trying to make ends meet and just don’t have the time to earn a large lucrative 2nd income that could free me forever from my debts and stressed-out lifestyle. Perhaps later.
  • I know you won’t believe this but I really hate doing anything that could set me financially free for life.
  • I already have a slim, beautiful, muscular body, and all the energy and money I need. In fact I’m a millionaire. Now buzz off, I have an appointment with my yacht broker to buy another luxury yacht this afternoon and after that we’re leaving to cruise the Greek islands.
  • I’ve just been burned too many times! How dare you try and re-kindle my hopes of wealth! You know I don’t deserve it despite what my psychiatrist says!
  • I was going to join today, but I have to spend the afternoon cleaning out my email box
  • I’m a Libra and just can’t make up my mind.
  • I’m ready to join but my spouse says: “one more MLM and I sleep on the porch!”
  • I don’t want to join right now. Can you just send me the cheques?
  • I want to join, I really do, but there are these aliens who keep visiting me and telling me that soon they will come and take me to their planet where I won’t need earth money.
  • Every time I have a free moment to make the call to join, I have to re-install Windows.
  • I just don’t have enough confidence in myself to start my own home based business. (I am just a plain and simple wimp).
  • I was broke ten years ago, I was broke 5 years ago, and I am broke today and I refuse to do anything that might change my situation today or tomorrow.
  • I will join today. If you will pay my fee and build the business for me. I am looking for a free ride. I am too lazy to create any kind of future for myself and my family.
  • MLM is not for me. I would prefer to work my job for the next 20 or 30 years, just barely get by and retire with $600 in the bank .
  • I just bought a lottery ticket, and I am sure I’ll win this week. So I don’t need start my own business.
  • I belong to a religious order, and we know the end is nigh this week. So why bother.
  • Like everything else I look at, I need to think about it, then I need to think about it, then I need to think about it, then I need to think about it. I must confess, all I ever do is think about doing rather than doing. Make a decision, are you kidding, I’ll stick with my dead end career or job on barely get by street.
  • No Hablo Ingles.
  • I was about to sign up then I came to my senses, when my dominant negative, broke mentality took back control of my mind and convinced me to pass up this opportunity.

Heard some great ones? – Please add them here