Avoid the MLM hype trap

The claims of make a $1,000,000 this weekend while you lay on the couch watching TV may sound good, but they come at a heavy cost.  I have seen so many people fall for the hype and lose all sense of real business principles.

I can take you to where you’re making $100, $500, or even $5,000 a month quite quickly … But it usually won’t happen overnight and to do that it will also take real effort on your part.  You have to follow the simple system which has worked for me and so many other people and follow it to the letter.

So Is Network Marketing a ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’?

In theory, you can make a lot of money partnering with a good MLM Company. In practice, 90% don’t even recommend their opportunity enough to even cover the cost of their own product purchases.

Why is that? One of the reasons is they run off to chase the “next big thing”. Never mind that a large portion of them are scams or fly-by-night operations. The real problem is many people seem to have a ‘lottery mentality’ (get rich overnight). Just look at the MILLIONS of people who willingly hand over their money to the lottery with a less than 1 in 50,000,000 chance of winning anything!

The fact is, most Network Marketing compensation plans are designed to create long term residual income, not up-front money and people give up when they don’t get rich enough quick enough.

Luckily the company I partner with does have an award winning accelerated leverage plan especially designed to avoid attrition by rewarding people quickly. So look for a company with a compensation plan that has the ability to accelerate income and reward the people (who do the work) and that will definitely help you to retain people.

Be very wary of hype and promises like ‘all you do is sign up and watch the money roll in’ – in a real network marketing business of course  product has to move to generate real revenue and someone has to work – reality sucks – you can’t make money out of thin air despite all the promises out there!  My advice – avoid the hype like the plague!

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